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adminUncategorizedJune 30, 2014

An incident on site costs a firm in numerous ways:
We understand what the industry is lacking. Personnel unwilling to enrol and conform with what is required of them and managers struggling to keep on top of the administration leads to an inefficient and often strained workplace.

  • Lost labour hours: Workers may be forced to stand down, reassess their JSEA/JHA, management inundated with paperwork.

Our aim is to lower the probability of your firm having to incur these costs by changing the manner in which certain aspects of safety are dealt with – we want to set a new standard in safety

  • Decrease in productivity: correlated with lost labour hours, productivity inevitably drops leading to a range incurred costs and a programme being delayed.

With our innovative and cost effective product safety becomes simplified, controlled and most importantly effective, eliminating the risk of decreased productivity.

  • Tarnished Reputation: If a company is regarded as having a negative stance on safety even tendering for jobs and conveying confidence in the client become all together more difficult.

Our vision is for the SafteyDocBox to be at the forefront of all major projects in the Australia. It will change the way all personnel think about safety, the way in which the paperwork is dealt with and inevitably improve safety by abolishing the confusion and ambiguity that surrounds the subject.