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About Us

The SAFETYDOCBOX sets a new and innovative standard in safety.

It changes the way in which documentation is managed, stored and utilised on site; eliminating the confusion and uncertainty that has previously existed in this area.

The SAFETYDOCBOX is aimed at reducing the probability of your firm having to incur unnecessary cost and expense – This is achieved by the change in perspective that the SAFETYDOCBOX has brought to the industry, modifying the manner in which site-based safety is dealt with.

The SAFETYDOCBOX will serve to increase productivity on-site by reducing the number of labour hours lost to administrative inefficiency.



Efficient, cost effective and undeniably advantageous to each person on site. The SAFETYDOCBOX will deliver a clearer message and set a new standard in safety – ultimately leading to a safer workplace for all.

Gordon Williamson – Senior Project Manager (Ryobi Compile)

Upon becoming aware of the product, industry professionals immediately realise the benefits to be had – it functions fluently and facilitates a safer working environment.

Mark Keddie Laing O’Rourke

The SAFETYDOCBOX will not only help to eliminate confusion surrounding documentation storage in the workplace but it’s implementation will also serve to increase safety performance on site.

Aubrey Green – Safety Advisor

This is a simple, logical, yet innovative idea. I see the SAFETYDOCBOX becoming a regular feature on all major mining, infrastructure and construction projects nationwide.

Michael Carty – Managing Director (CCE Group)



  • Waterproof document housing unit to store JHEA/JHA’s, Take 5’s, Engineering drawings, Danger Tags, Hot Works Permits etc.
  • Dimensions: 1000mm high at front, 1200mm high at rear. 700mm wide and 600mm deep.
  • First Aid box and other safety consumables can be stored and monitored on the shelf.


  • Highly visible on site and can be used as a Muster Point.
  • Space available to accommodate company logos and first aid stickers.
  • Australian Design and Patent.


  • Ballast at the base which can hold over 45kgs of water making the design extremely sturdy in all weather conditions
  • Injection and Blow Moulded using HDPE
  • UV Resistant for up to 25 years

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